VAP 2020-Q4

Published 1 November 2020





Name is an exhibition organized by emerging curator and artist Charlie J Meyers aka @curatorwithamigraine and writer by Sara Rose Jansen. Presented in our virtual exhibition space, this was an international venture a global selection of artists and Charlie based in Philadelphia, USA, and Sara based in Melbourne, Australia.

We have also launched our new regular feature on artists writing about other artists with an emphasis on exiting emerging and under-represented artists titled “Words and Pictures“. New artists and writers will be showcased in each issue.

This is our experimental web-presented space for new media, online, and technology aided projects aiming to explore how media content can be shown, shared, and distributed. This issue we feature Beth Frey whose highly relevant self portrait video works are at the intersection of drawing, augmented reality, and green screen technology and distributed via a social media app.


In addition to the artists and writers who contributed to Words and Pictures content this issue, we are grateful for the significant contributions made by: Alley Horn, Hanna Brody, Charlie J Meyers, and Sara Rose Jansen (in no order of effort or signifigance). Thank you also to Mark Glover Masterson for diligent proofreading and copy editing services.


I am very pleased to present the content for our online relaunch of Vantage Art Projects 2020. We are expecting to release online content on approximately a quarterly basis and will be opening calls for submission for future issues.

Vantage Art Projects began in 2008 as an arts communication venture with a unique concept for exhibitions-in-print, media and publishing projects. VAP 2020 continues in the spirit as we expand to be a collaborative, curated, artist-run project combining both virtual and IRL (in-real-life) opportunities, exhibitions, and projects.

The three pillars of VAP:

  • Creating alternative and parallel, collaborative opportunities for emerging and under-represented contemporary artists;
  • Using accessible language to foster broad engagement with the contemporary arts;
  • Leveraging technology to communicate and connect about the contemporary arts.

We believe that art is an essential service.

Jennifer Mawby, co-founder and director of Vantage Art Projects.
1 November 2020.